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Eco friendly furniture and homeware in Shanghai
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Wood products care
A big part of our collection is made from reclaimed old wood that requires as little moisture when cleaning as possible. When you spill red wine,coffee or sauce on the wood uncarefully,you should clean it a soft damp cloth as soon as possible to avoid moisture damage. The sun’s UV rays will affect the color of wood. So the wood products should be limit exposure to direct sunlight. Whenever possible, we recommend that your furniture NOT be placed in direct sunlight.
Bamboo products care
Some of our bamboo products(cutting boards,dish rack etc) are fininshed by natural mineral  oil which is specially formulated to preserve and extend the life of the bamboo products.After a periord time of use,you should spread some oil on the surface of these products with a soft cloth and leave on overnight if possible. If you do not have the mineral oil,you can use your cooking oil instead.
Fabric care
For upholstered chairs and sofas, we recommend a regular simple vacuum. When you spill red wine,coffee or sauce on the fabric uncarefully,you should quickly clean with an absorbent paper towel or clean cloth to avoid staining. Avoid using aggressive household cleaners, we recommend using green (organic) soap instead to clean the fabric.Avoid exposure to direct sunlight to prevent bleaching, discolouration or drying of the coated surface.

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