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Eco friendly furniture and homeware in Shanghai
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Why Bekog
1. Live a healthy life with Bekog
Bekog is a professional brand providing high-quality eco friendly furniture and homeware in style based in Shanghai. Bekog makes durable furniture and homeware with natural materials,such as: eco friendly wood,bamboo,seagrass and sisal etc.Meanwhile,Bekog calculates the carbon emissions caused by every order from producing to delivery.In order to offset these carbon emissions,Bekog will plant trees in a desertified inner Mongolia forest.Bekog hopes people will pay more attention to the impact to our planet caused by daily shopping.
2.Luxury at affordable price
In China,the retail prices of furniture and homeware are usually too much high.That's because many middlemen who take a cut and the high land rent which increases every year especially in the big city(Shanghai,Bejing,Guangzhou). By the internet and its excellent delivery capabilities, Bekog connects the customers directly with the talent designers and the quality manufacturers and offers the customers at affordable prices.
3.Eco Chic Style
Many people feel bad about the impact home furnishings can have on the environment,but they don't want to sacrifice style. So why should our customers? When you buy eco friendly furniture from Bekog, it is a sensitive purchase, but in style at the same time. It is high time people were offered quality furniture in style. Bekog wants people instantly to say, ‘It’s gorgeous!’ and then feel good about the fact that it's green furniture and an eco friendly product.

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